JK Dance Academy Academy

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Learn Salsa Dance in Delhi India

Learn Salsa Dance /Ballroom Dance in Delhi India
Various Styles of Dancing Salsa -
 Salsa styles are very fluid. Dance styles are associated with their original geographic area that developed that style. Today, Salsa dancing can be divided into several styles. Generally, these styles are identified as L.A. style, New York style, Cuban and Miami style. Although these are not "official" styles, most salseros today identify the styles by these four names.

Linear Style, L.A. Style, New York / Mambo Style, Puerto Rican style, Miami Style, Cuban Style, Casino Style, Rueda, Colombian Salsa Styles: Stylin'

Salsa Choreographers & Dancers in India
We have dance classes and lessons in the Latin styles of Cuban Salsa, bacchante, Linear Salsa, and Meringue. Our choreographers love taking dance classes in Delhi and major cities in India. Come and learn to dance Salsa with our friendly and relaxed team. Here, I hope to give everyone the opportunity to 'follow your desire to dance' and dance well!
We’ll given you the opportunity to learn new dances, explore your creative side, our choreographers also to teach people who desire to learn and have fun!