JK Dance Academy Academy

Western Dance Styles

Ballroom dance

Refers to a set of partner dances .its called social dancing also. There are many dances in ballroom like – Salsa, Rumba, Samba, Cha cha cha, Casino Roude, Meringue, and Jive. There are Two main styles of ballroom dancing – American style and International style

Jazz Dance

This is a Broadway theater kind of a dance. This can be performed solo. It is of two types, one which comprises of tap dance & the other which has a ballet kind of a look. The beauty of this dance is the jumps & the turns that make it look beautiful. Jazz needs a younger crowd. It takes a lot of time to perfect it.


This is a very peppy dance. This is also a couple dancing. In this the couples keep on jumping which makes it a very lively dance. This is also an eight beat dance with steps for each beat.

Hip Hop

This is another western dance form. This can be done solo. This is more like break dance. This looks good on a younger crowd, for the hip hop songs suits them better.